We believe that effective legal counsel and cost-effective service are not mutually exclusive. We also know that our health care clients face difficult budgetary pressures. With this in mind, we focus on delivering full value for every dollar you spend on legal services.


Hourly Billing. Our Minneapolis-based health law practice is lean, flexible and efficient, with overhead significantly less than that of larger law firms. We pass this savings on to you through lower hourly billing rates; our hourly rates are significantly lower than fees charged by larger firms for comparable expertise.


When billing by the hour, we charge clients for attorneys’ responses to emails, meeting time, and telephone conversations, in addition to time spent researching, writing and negotiating. We calculate time in one-tenth of an hour increments. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a bill for the previous month’s work, itemizing time spent each day on your project for each involved attorney. If you have any questions about the fees you are incurring at any time during the month, don’t hesitate to ask.


Hourly billing is usually appropriate because the cost of any particular matter can be hard to predict. No two transactions are alike. Seemingly complicated disputes sometimes resolve very quickly. On the other hand, an agreement that seemed straightforward at first glance might take weeks to negotiate to a successful conclusion. We take our cues from you and do not perform work unless asked to do so.


Administrative Costs. Unlike many law firms, we do not charge for routine administrative expenses such as postage and copying. The only administrative costs for which we routinely seek reimbursement from clients are courier fees, overnight mail postage costs and large external copying; printing; or other externally contracted projects.


Payments. The firm accepts checks and cash payments. We do not accept credit cards.


Alternative fee arrangements. We offer alternative fee arrangements such as fixed fees, package pricing and discounted fees with a success component. For example, we offer newly-licensed physicians the review and in-depth discussion of physician employment agreements for a fixed fee. Because we are a small firm with minimal bureaucracy, we can make decisions on fee arrangements quickly. We will strive to make your legal costs as predictable as possible.


Retainers. We typically require a retainer for new clients.