About Our Firm

We are as passionate about the delivery of quality health care as you are. We work in this field because we love to help create and sustain outstanding health care organizations.


Health care reform brings change and uncertainty. We understand these business challenges and we will help you create successful new models of delivery. We have built our reputations on savvy, straightforward advice, and that is something our clients can expect to remain constant.


We know your resources are already stretched. To keep our rates low, we were intentionally frugal when setting up our firm. Our offices are modestly furnished, we answer our own phones, and you will not see our logo in a stadium suite. At the same time, we invested in technology so that we can be accessible to you and ensure that you receive timely and efficient service.


We bring more to the table than just industry depth and sensible costs. Our focused practice means we do not have the conflicts of interest common to larger full-service firms. If you need a referral for a service that is not in our skill set, we can direct you to the best possible resource, given our extensive knowledge of both local and national law firms.