Teresa Knoedler


(612) 436-1025


825 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1800

Minneapolis, MN. 55402

Teresa was born into a family of physicians, and has cultivated a deep understanding of the joys and challenges attendant to the practice of medicine. She is passionate about high-quality, patient-centered, and efficient care delivery, and has devoted her career to removing all manner of barriers and impediments that get between providers and their patients.


Teresa offers employment and partnership contract review and negotiation services to providers in all stages of their career. She also helps providers obtain and maintain licensure from their appropriate health licensing board, including representing providers in health licensing board investigations and administrative proceedings.  She also advises on provider privileging, credentialling, and National Practitioner Database matters.




As an attorney for the Minnesota Medical Association, Teresa acquired expertise in state and federal regulatory requirements and processes.  She helps clients successfully manage their regulatory burdens and to advance their interests in regulatory processes such as state rule-making.  She has developed and led legislative and regulatory initiatives supported by broad coalitions of healthcare entities.  She is known for her ability to understand the practical implications of the ever-changing health policy landscape.  Her clients count on her to identify, influence and interpret statutory and regulatory events.


Drawing upon her experience as a former litigator, Teresa is an experienced and efficient litigation manager. Clients rely on her to help contain costs while obtaining a favorable outcome.  She also works with her clients to unearth and remediate the root cause of the litigation.


Teresa also offers legal support for clients experiencing ethical challenges, such as end-of-life decisions, competency and capacity, consent and minor consent, and interpretation of the of the physician code of medical ethics.


Teresa provides diverse outside general counsel services, tailored to the needs of each client.  She offers governance and operational counsel to non-profit entities, governing boards and executive leadership.


Recently Teresa was appointed to the board of directors of the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association as a director representing the interests of Minnesota’s health care providers. MCHA is the entity responsible for developing and overseeing the Minnesota Premium Security Plan, also known as the reinsurance program, whose goal is to alleviate rising health care insurance premiums.  In this role, Teresa works with representatives from insurers, hospitals, and consumers, and board staff to ensure that the provider perspective is accounted for.  She serves on the executive committee and the actuarial committee.


Teresa is a volunteer at Planned Parenthood.  She also provides pro bono legal services for individuals seeking to expunge their criminal record in order to more successfully pursue employment, housing, and other opportunities.




American Health Lawyers Association

Minnesota State Bar Association

American Society of Medical Association Counsel

Minnesota Society for Hospital Risk Management




Away from the office, Teresa can be found skiing and biking up and down the hills of Minnesota and the mountains of Montana with her family. Her two young children are her favorite people in the entire world.




Dartmouth College

University of Minnesota Law School